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From 25 September Bread and Loaf  will be baking real bread, on the premises, at the former Shrewsbury Bakehouse on Castle Gates, Shrewsbury. We still have a few more changes to make before then, so follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news and read the blog.

artisan bakers in Shrewsbury, Shropshire

We are Kate and Martin. Bread and Loaf is an artisan bread bakery in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. We are two people who love baking and making. The bakery is us pursuing our passion. Baking great bread and all the other nice stuff is what we love. Plus we want to have fun doing it along the way too.

We are on a steep learning curve, going from one or two loaves at a time to high volume baking where everything is new to us – and it’s bigger, faster and more intensive. So you’ll have to bear with us and hopefully be part of our journey.

Sourdough is the bread that gives us most satisfaction, but we also bake yeasted breads, rye breads and a whole variety of other breads, like ciabatta, brioche, French baguettes and rustic country breads.

We want to produce great bread, so there will be lots of tweeking of recipes along the way. (Let us know what you want and we will do our best to do it if we can.)

Kate and Martin   Kate and Martin

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may the dough rise to meet you.

 - Emily Buehler

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Bread countdown

Now we’re getting somewhere!…the bread countdown has begun. We have a hole in the floor, just inside the shop window, ready for 3-phase electricity. We have some confirmed dates and are hoping to start selling bread on Thursday 25th September. (fanfare!) Here’s the plan: 2nd/3rd September. Electricity – you might see someone digging up the […] More Info

What’s happening down at the bakery?

We thought it was about time we updated you on what’s happening down at the bakery. We know it’s annoying when you see a sign saying bread is coming back, but with no date. The hope is to be up and running by end of August or thereabouts. At the moment we are waiting on dates […] More Info

It’s finally a bread reality!

Wow what a turnaround! A couple of months ago we decided to do a slow start to baking – at home, and so started patiently waiting on the planning office (still waiting by the way!) Now look what’s happened! Four weeks ago the bakery we really aspired to, just round the corner, suddenly closed. We […] More Info