what's in our bread? only flour, water, yeast and salt

That's all we need, unless it’s a sourdough of course, which has no yeast because it rises from its own culture. Nothing else is added to our bread apart from time.

Bread and Loaf Sourdough bread is long, long-fermented. It's full of uneven holes and has that lovely characteristic taste and texture you’d expect from a sourdough that’s been given all time it needs.

We use organic flour, from Shipton Mill in Gloucestershire and source other ingredients locally and organically where we can.

Total honesty that's what we are about. Keeping it simple makes better bread, that’s better for you.

traditional methods at Bread and Loaf

good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts.

 - James Beard